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Online Book Fair @ Anderson's Book Fair Company - Website Directions - Year-Round Earn $ for our School!

Website Instructions

Your school earns 20% of your purchase! Here is how…

1. Go to

2. Click (SHOP NOW).

3. Click on any category

4. Click (add to cart) for each item you would like to purchase.

5. When you are done shopping, click on (Checkout).

6. Complete the required fields on the Checkout page.

7. In order to ensure your school earns profit, be sure to enter your School Name and School City in the delivery information section.

8. Click on (Review order) to finish.

9. To pick up your order please follow these steps:

    A. Look for the section that reads (Pick-Up Options); check the box in front of (I would like to pick this order up).

    B. A new box will open that reads (Pickup Location), please select the location you wish to pick up the order from.

      To pick up DURING your book fair select (School Pick-Up During Bookfair). 

      There is no charge if it is sent during your book fair. There will be a delivery charge if delivered before or after your bookfair. 

10. You may select to pick up your books at one of our 4 locations anytime without a shipping charge added. 

Thank you for your order!
Your school will earn 20% of your purchase.