Social Studies (Periods 1 & 2)

Social Studies (Periods 1 & 2)

Welcome to 6th Grade!!!

The Agenda Book is the "First Line of Defense" for short and long term assignments and assessments...

Please be sure to check the Home Access Center (HAC) at least once every-other week to ensure awareness of current quarter grade and missed work/assessments.

Homework Sketch for the Week of 9/17/18-9/21/18:

Monday:   SIP Day: Mary Leakey Article/Questions-Finish for HW); Time to work on Landform Map- Due THURSDAY

Tuesday: Mary Leakey Article #2; Comapare both articles; TExtbook p. 58-63 on Archaeology; HW is to work on p. 63 #1,5,7 due at end of Period on THURSDAY (try logging into eText online)

Wednesday: Trashbag Archaeology activity; Cookie Excavation Lab-Finish as HW if not done in class; try to finish p. 63 using the eText Login

Thursday:  Landform Map Project  DUE TODAY; p. 63 #1,5,7 due by end of Period.; Archaeology with Bill Nye...

Friday: Rachel's Challenge Assembly during Period 1 Only; Period 2 to complete the "Remember 9/11" Lesson from last week Tuesday (9/11/18); ALICE Training caused Period 2 to miss this lesson; NO HW!

Upcoming Dates:

10/17 Theater Field Trip Form (SIGNED) and Money due to OFFICE!

10/23 Field Trip to Rialto Theater

Quarter 1:  Midterms 9/14; Quarter Ends 10/19!

All late/absent/redone work is due by 10/17!