Social Studies (Periods 1 & 2)

Social Studies (Periods 1 & 2)

Welcome to 6th Grade!!!

The Agenda Book is the "First Line of Defense" for short and long term assignments and assessments...

Please be sure to check the Home Access Center (HAC) at least once every-other week to ensure awareness of current quarter grade and missed work/assessments.

Homework Sketch for the Week of 12/10/18-12/14/18:

Monday:  HW is Study Guide #2; Exam Tomorrow; NB Check Tomorrow;  Sumer Postcard due WED! 

Tuesday: Review Study Guide #2; Exam; NB Check; Work on Postcard; Finish Postcard for HW!

Wednesday:   Egypt Notes: K-W-L; Map; HW is Map Worksheet...

Thursday: TBD

Friday:  TBD

Upcoming Dates:

Quarter 2:  Midterms 11/21               Quarter Ends 12/21!

Bring in one desk sized stuffed toy (no beans or beads) by 12/17!

YELLOW Elective Sheets due ASAP to STUDY HALL Teacher! 

Yearbook Online Order Deadline is January 18, 2019! Must be Ordered Online!

There will be no extras to purchase at the end of the year!