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“Wallin Oaks” is name of 18TH District 202 elementary school

District 202’s 18th elementary school will be called Wallin Oaks, reflecting the nearby Wallin Woods and Indian Oaks neighborhoods.

The Board of Education approved the name at its May 26, 2020 regular meeting.

Construction started in April on the new full-service pre-kindergarten through 5th grade facility adjacent to Ira Jones Middle School near downtown Plainfield.

The new school will be a full-service, Pre-K-5 school, the same as District 202’s other 17 elementary schools. It is being built as part of a comprehensive plan to help provide adequate space for the district to offer full-day kindergarten for all eligible students.

The new school will free up space in the other elementary buildings. It will also provide more space and stability for special needs programs now scattered around the district.

Wallin Oaks is expected to open in August 2021.

The new school will be about 10,000 square feet larger than Elizabeth Eichelberger, the last elementary school to open before District 202’s growth stopped in 2008.

District officials surveyed a wide range of teachers, administration, and staff to ensure that the new building will meet all teaching, space, and logistical needs. The new school will also include a storm shelter as now required by state law.



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