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District 202 will create five-year strategic plan this fall

Plainfield District 202 will start the process this fall to create a new five-year strategic plan to help prioritize and plan its work and resources.

The Board of Education heard a presentation at its June 22, 2020 regular meeting from consultant Dr. Robert Madonia, who will facilitate the process. Most of the work will be done by district staff, parents, students, and community leaders, Madonia said.

“District 202 saw a period of about 10 years of tremendous growth that made us the fifth largest school district in Illinois and completely redefined our community,” said District 202 Board of Education President Kevin Kirberg.

“We survived the Great Recession and our finances have improved and stabilized. We are a significantly different community with new opportunities and challenges, so it’s time to set a new path for District 202,” Kirberg said.

Data culled from staff, student and community surveys and working committees will drive the process to create the strategic plan and yield action plans. Those plans will include specific, targeted results which will be reviewed annually, Madonia said.

Work should start in late August to develop focus areas and refine the district’s Mission and Vision statements and core values. Surveys of key community groups and staffs are planned for October.

Committee work will follow, and a recommended final action plan should go to the Board of Education for approval in December, Madonia said.

District 202 will heavily promote and publicize every aspect of the strategic planning process to ensure comprehensive and diverse representation and participation.


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