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D. 202 adopts new attendance zones for new school, full-day kindergarten

The District 202 Board of Education adopted new attendance zones for the 2021-22 school year at its March 22, 2021 regular meeting.

The changes will affect 997 current District 202 elementary students, 226 middle school students, and 108 high school students, or about 5.3 percent of this year’s 25,100 students.


UPDATED 2021-2022 ATTENDANCE ZONES (updated 3-23-21 -- change for next year are highlighted)


The changes will help populate Wallin Oaks, District 202’s newest elementary school. They will also provide enough space district-wide for District 202 to offer full-day kindergarten to every student who wants it.

As well, the new attendance zones will re-balance building enrollments district-wide; minimizes the need to move certain special education programs every year among buildings because of limited space; and allows for efficient student transportation.

Nearly all the affected students will go to new schools in their current “House.”  District 202 uses an internal “House” feeder system that assigns certain elementary schools to certain middle schools and culminates at specific high schools.

For example, students moving from Lincoln Elementary (Red House) to Wallin Oaks Elementary will then go to one of the two Red House middle schools and then attend Plainfield North High School, which is the Red House high school.

“These changes do exactly what we wanted and needed to do: they meet a long-standing community priority of providing full-day kindergarten, stabilize locations for our specialized elementary special education programs, and make sure our system runs as efficiently as possible,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lane Abrell.

“This plan is good for our students, our parents, us as a school district, and our entire community,” Abrell said. 

District administration had planned to announce the new attendance zones in late December, but the pandemic delayed the project.

Administrators worked to disrupt the least students possible. “This has been a driving focus going all the way back to our heavy growth period in the late 1990s and early 2000s when we were opening new schools nearly every year,” Abrell said.

Although District 202 tweaks attendance zones every year or two, this is the first district-wide adjustment since the heavy growth stopped in 2008 because of the Great Recession.

“We know changing schools is sometimes not easy, and is just one more thing following the pandemic, but the reality is, this work started well before the pandemic when we decided to build Wallin Oaks as part of our full-day kindergarten plan,” Abrell said.

“In my 35-plus years I have found that by and large, students are incredibly resilient and come to love their new schools,” he said. “Our teachers will certainly do everything they can to make their new students feel welcome and supported.”


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