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Donor gives $20K each to Plainfield Academy, BASES program

  An anonymous donor recently gave $20,000 to Plainfield Academy and $20,000 to the BASES program at Creekside and Wesmere elementary schools.

Plainfield Academy houses a collection of programs designed to help students who may be struggling with behavior or with academics in a larger classroom setting.

BASES stands for Building Academic and Social Emotional Skills. It helps students succeed with highly structured, behaviorally focused learning environments.

The donor, who asked to remain anonymous, has been involved personally with the Academy and the BASES program.

The donor credited the BASES program and Wesmere BASES teacher Jodie Gammon with saving a family member’s academic life.

“I love the staff there more than I could put into words,” the donor said.

“They are extraordinary people who are thinking about these kids even before they walk in the door.”

Gammon was speechless when she heard about the donation, she said.

“This is such a selfless gift,” Gammon said.

“It’s like saying you guys have made a tremendous impact in my life and now I want to pay it forward.”

The donations will help staff provide programs beyond what is traditionally funded through District 202, said Tim Albores, Director of Student Services for High School and ED/Alternative Programs.

“In most cases, many of the students who attend these programs have not found success in the traditional school environment.” Albores said.

“Students in these programs flourish because of the relationships, talents, and supports these programs provide.”

The donor encouraged the BASES and Academy staff to think big when spending the money.

“When one of the teachers (suggested buying) Kleenex (for the school), I said ‘No,”, the donor said. “I have $20,000 in mind to give you. You can make a big impact if you have that much money.”

The donations will provide seed money for fundraisers; to buy equipment for students; staff development; supplies for art therapy; and family kits to extend BASES support at home, among other needs.

Plainfield Academy Principal Marcus Lyke is grateful for the donation.

“The difference that this contribution will make in our students’ lives will go a long way in helping them prepare for life within the walls of Plainfield Academy and beyond,” Lyke said.

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