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School Mission

The Heritage Grove Mission is to enhance life through education.

Heritage Grove Middle School Vision ...

Heritage Grove will collaboratively provide a unified, relevant and engaging curriculum that supports our dynamic, diverse community in a safe environment.  We will be dedicated to enhancing personal strengths, valuing accountability and challenging all to grow while adapting within an ever-changing global society.  All will be empowered advocates providing a positive, respectful culture.  Everyone in our community will achieve success.

We Believe An Effective School Community…


is respectful.

is encouraging, motivating and engaging.

is safe, positive and conducive to learning.

develops problem solvers who think for themselves.

engages in communication and constructive feedback.

teaches skills necessary to learn and become successful.

works collaboratively as a team to ensure success for all.

provides learners with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

learns through a variety of challenging experiences and applications.

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